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NASSAU was established on November 16, 1971 as a sporting goods company.NASSAU's growth has been the result of constant love and constant innovation from our customers.


HIGH TECHNOLOGY NASSAU SOCCER BALL Nassau Soccer ball’s Unique Advanced Technology Exclusive and the Best Technology.

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NASSAU CZAR TOUR Tennis Ball T-260 2P

It is a tennis ball designed to exhibit the best performance with the same properties in all kinds of codes such as various environment, clay, and hard core.

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NASSAU Patriot 802 basketball ball- BSP 7

International Basketball Association (FIBA) official district. Superior ball control with anti-slip treatment. Exceptional durability and unique bubble. - Provides the best rebound resilience.

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NASSAU NEW Fatriot Volleyball - VNP 5

NASSAU 's advanced technology HS TEC method. The finest microfiber fabric from Japan. A bladder with constant elasticity and long-term air retention. Excellent resilience and abrasion resistance.

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NASSAU Tuji Futsal Ball - FSTJ 4

Korea Football Association (KFA) official zone, maximizing control by flexibility, strengthening high density organization and durability, maintaining the best elasticity for indoor and outdoor play, material: high-grade synthetic leather

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NASSAU POWER SWING 2000 Badminton Racket

The shaft is made of aluminum and steel to maintain high resilience and elasticity. A wider frame to reduce shock transmission on the wrist when striking. String and integral frame cover.

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We are aiming at NASSAU's advanced technology and superior technology. It is a domestic and international official game certification product, please check differentiated structure and technology.

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