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World Best NASSAU!
We will make the future of NASSAU to the world.

The new beginning of Nassau, Korea-originated brand!
Nassau is a Korea-originated sports brand that founded on November 16ht, 1971 as a company specialized in sporting goods, and walked along with sports for more than 40 years. The acquistion of the certificate of Korea Football Association [KFA] and the continued sponser's status, the acquisiton of the certificates of International Tennis Federation [ITF], Internatioanl Handball Federation [IHF] and Federation International de Football Association [FIFA] mean continuing technology development and a pledge of the excellence of the product. New owner and new executives promise to normalize Nassau wite the resolution of reinvent and to de transformed into a brand de loved by people.
Growing together with partners!
It is our mission to be a sporting goods company to share health and happiness through sports and leisure. It's essential to grow together with partners for the achievement of our mission. We will construct reliable relations with variety of sport association for instance Football, Tennis and so on and will contribute to spread and expand sports expriences. In the meantime, we are fully aware of the social responsibility for supportng activities of people to dream a happy life.
A challenge to be Global Nassau!
We, Nassau who are united together by sports enthusiam, will do the best to improve our products and services, and to jump into new field of business based on unceasing R&D and investment. preparing 4th industrial revolution stage, we will develop sports convergence goods which sports, entertainment and fitness are converged and grow as a global brand.

Ju, Eun Hyung