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Tennis Ball

Structure Of Tennins Ball


Half shell + Half shell = Core + Felt = Tennis ball.

How to make half shell

·Natural latex blonded with various chericals to improve it's property.
·Mixture of rubber and chemicals.
·Extrusion molding process in 150℃ for 4~5minutes.


·Bonding 2 half shells with adhesive to make 1 core ball.

Pressurized Ball

·Gas added inside of the core ball improves the play performance, bounce, elasticity etc.
·Use for professional players.
·tybe packing [PET/Aluminum] to maintain the 10~11PSI of the ball for excllent bounce and playability.

Pressureless Ball

·High elasticity and bounce comes from fine rubber core itself and keeps the performance and property for long period witout air leaking.
·Ues for practice and teaching club players.
·Various packing available.

Materials of a tennis ball

·Natural rubber :
processed latex colloid from rubber tree is the main material and determines the elasticity and touch feel of the core ball.

Woven Felt :
Textile fabric mainly with Wool and Nylon weaved, increases soft touch feel, elasticity and durability.
Also helps aggressive and powerful play performance with speed and hard touch feel increased especially on hard couris

Needle Felt :
Non-woven cloth by entangling fibers [Wool and Nylon in main] and good for the play in clay courts.

*It is recommended to check and choose the ball type based on your play condition as they are temperature-sensitive.