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Soccer Ball

New technology of TUJI FA 4 Panel Soccer Ball

1) Windmill Technology
- Windmill Technology exclusive to Nassau TUJI FA minimizes the air resistance and helps users to pass and shoot the ball accurately to a target.

2) THB(Thermo-Bonded ball)
- THB technology of Nassau allows powerful plays for a long time at places with dust and dirt. In addition, the moisture absorption reaching zero (0) allows for the best performance at any weather.

3) NASSAU's 40 years of technology and know-how
- Nassau established in 1971 has technology and know-how accumulated for about 45 years which are reflected on the TUJI FA.

The high-quality material of TUJI FA

1) Surface material
- The exterior of TUJI FA 4 Panel Soccer ball uses high-quality high-end material. The exterior is softer than the ordinary soccer ball’s exterior and it also prevents distortion of balls. In addition, around 70,000 bumps are added on the surface of the soccer ball and provide best flight performance.

2) Introduction on inside of TUJI FA 4 Panel Soccer Ball
The soccer ball uses high rebound EVA foam and provides the best softness that other soccer balls cannot provide and provides the best rebound performance.

② Special High Density Polyester :
The soccer ball uses the best German material to prevent distortion of the soccer ball and to strengthen durability.

③ Special Butyl Bladder :
The bladder which is consisted of special butyl-rubber maintains the perfect sphere shape and has high air preservation feature. In addition special carbon reinforcing agent is added to protect the soccer ball from UV rays and oxidation.

Structure Of Soccer Ball


FA CUP Officail Ball


2 types of bladder are generally usde and divided by its main material, Latex and Butyl. Latex bladder is preferred in Southern America and Europe and butyl bladder in Asia.

·Feature :
Made by natural rubber and has natural rubber property that air goes through it and is very normal that balls are going deflated slowly by time goes. It should be inflated before play. Latex bladder ball is more widely used for official games due to its excellent bounce.

·Butyl bladder :
Butyl is mainly made by symthetic rubber and hardly air does not go through it and it could keep the air pressure for 5-6 months. Bounce and elasticity is lower than latex bladder.

How to make half shell

·Strong Backing Layer
Durability upgerded and deformation minimized with 2 layers of German Material..

·Hyper Elastic Layer
Natural Latex Sheet that is specially developed from Nassau high technology and strengthens the selfrestoring force.

·Kinetic Energy Conservable Layer
High Elastic PE foam of the closed-cell structure keeps the soft and the elasticity.

·Long Life Backing Layer
High density material minimizes the deformation of balls fot a long time.

·Surface Material
The surface material made with Ultra Micro Nylon Fiber PU leather which is co-developed with the world's leading synthetic leather company, CLARINO, is much softer than real leather and that is minimizing the deformation and the air resistance with hexagonal pattern.

Outshell material

Sensitive to temperature outside and it would be changed to stiff and hard to control in low temperature while softer in high temperature. Generally used for the low-priced.

Made of processing Polyuretane, has better elasticity and less worn-out and keeps the softness even in low temparature. Generally used for the high-priced.

How to inflate the ball

Wet the needle point with soapy water before put it into the valve to avoid any damage to the tube and keep the optimal pressure ratio in 0.6-0.7kg/2cm. To chaeck the air pressure of the ball without gauge device is, Pushing in a little of power with 2 thumbs to see a bit of gap of the panels, or-Dropping from 2 meters high to see a rebounding up to 120-130 cm high. In case over-inflating, insert the needle only into the valve to put some air out. Normally on need to deflate the ball but better to do it if not playing in long period.